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At PoolStore we think the Alukov range of Swimming Pool Enclosures are the best you can get.

Find out why...

About our swimming pool enclosures



A swimming pool enclosure is the ultimate finishing touch for your pool. There are so many manufacturers to choose from and they are not a cheap item so how do you choose which pool enclosure to buy? PoolStore have done a large part of the research for you and we can help narrow down the best options.


Having been to all the international trade shows and seen all enclosures on the market we think the best manufacturer is a company from the Czech Republic called Alukov.


Alukov have been making pool enclosures for 20 years and with an annual production of over 2,500 pool enclosures per year are the largest manufacturer in Europe. We at PoolStore have been to the Czech Republic and inspected their factory. We met with the owner of the company and the chief designer and their commitment to the highest standards in both quality of materials and customer service were impressive. Alukov directly employ UK based Czech speakers to laise between us, you and the factory so you are always dealing directly with the factory, not 3rd party agents. The pool enclosures are assembled in the factory and tested before dispatch. They are shipped intact on a dedicated lorry, carrying the assembly team, who drive straight to your house and errect it in 3 to 5 hours. No 3rd party hauliers and no inexperienced installers starting from stratch.


All Alukov's pool enclosures are bespoke made to your requirements and the choices of styles and materials is huge. At first it is difficult to comprehend the different types of enclosures and the aluminium profiles available, and the colour choices, and the window choices, and the roof choices but we can advise you on what is best.


Please look at the galleries for inspiration and the price guide to see how much the cost and if you want to take your enquiry further please call us on 0800 690 6288.


Photo Gallery


Please click on the image below to open a slide show of just some of the enclosures on offer.

Gallery of High
Level Enclosures
Gallery of Low
Level Enclosures

High level or low level?


High level enclosures are ones in which you can walk around. They have the feel of a full size building over a swimming pool. You can put your patio furnture inside and create a great outdoor space to relax in when you are not swimming.


Low level pool enclosures are less expensive than high level ones. They are less intrusive and you can see over them from your house windows. They take up less room when retracted. If you are swimming with the enclosure in place you gain access through sliding door on the side and you can close it behind you.

These galleries are a small selection of the available options. Our representative will visit you and go through the entire range.


Reasons for having a pool enclosure
  • Get more use out of your pool
  • Keep your children safe
  • Slash your heating bills
  • Reduce your chemical usage
  • Slide it back when it is sunny
Reasons for choosing an Alukov enclosure
  • Alukov are the largest manufacturer of pool enclosures in Europe
  • Alukov produce over 2,500 enclosures per year and each one is bespoke made.
  • Huge choice of designs and custom options.
  • Easy opening with the smoothest sliding system
  • No 3rd Parties. Deal direct the Factory
  • Your enclosure arrives direct from the factory pre-assembled.
  • Alukov's own team will install it in 3 to 5 hours
How much do they cost?

Working out the exact cost of an enclosure is very difficult because there are so many variables. The width of the enclosure determines the profile of the aluminium structure and there are different wall and roof options. The type and number of doors also affects the price.

The pricing structure is so complex we have dedicated a whole webpage to try to simplify it, click below to see the prices for our pool enclosures

How you order a pool enclosure

Your order starts with a phone call to us. You will speak to one of our experts who have visited the factory where the pool enclosure are made. We can answer most of your questions regarding the cost of the pool enclosure and the practicalities of your site. We will arrange for someone to come to your house to survey the site and to measure up. They help you decide on material choices (windows, roof, colour, etc) will be able to give you your final price. This Czech speaking person will then take charge of the liason between the factory and coordinate the delivery and installation for you.

Telescopic, retractable pool enclosures

All Alukov pool enclosures are telescopic or retractable. They are fixed to a guide rail on the pool deck and the sections of the enclosure clip in to the rail. Wheels on the bottom of each section run in the gaps between the rails. The sections retract by telescoping into each other. The configuation of the telescoping sections is chosen by you, the end user. You can have them all telescope to one end or from the middle to the two ends. You can open as many or as few sections as you like. A particular feature of Alukov enclosures is how easily they glide over the floor rails. Even the largest, heaviest sections can easily be opened by one person using one hand.

When you have your site visit we can show you samples of the rails and fixing system so you can see how clever and simple it is.