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Winter Safety Covers Standard Sizes

From this page you can purchase our standard sized Winter / Safety swimming pool covers. These are kept in stock in the UK for immediate delivery. If your cover is not one of our standard sizes then you can calculate the cost on our  Pool Cover Price Calculator  and see details of how to order.

The Winter / Safety Cover is made in the same way as the Superweb cover from high quality, woven,UV stabilised polyethylene fabric. The webbing of the straps is one continuous piece that is sewn to the body of the cover and continues across to form the fixing on the opposite side. Thus the straps criss-cross the cover like a web.

On the winter safety cover the webing is made from stronger material and is double thickness,  sewn underneath and  on on top of the cover. The fixings are also much stronger.

The cover comes with a 12 year warranty. 

Pool Size Cover Size Retail Price  PoolStore Discounted Price
12ft x 24ft 14ft x 28ft £1,648.00 inc VAT  £1,099.00 inc VAT & Delivery
14ft x 28ft 16ft x 30ft £1,839.00 inc VAT  £1,226.00 inc VAT & Delivery
15ft x 30ft 17ft x 32ft £1,944.00 inc VAT  £1,296.00 inc VAT & Delivery
16ft x 32ft 18ft x 34ft £2,055.00 inc VAT  £1,370.00 inc VAT & Delivery
20ft x 40ft 22ft x 42ft £2,565.00 inc VAT £1,710.00 inc VAT & Delivery

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