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MiraClear Gel Cubes

MiraClear Gel Cubes

MiraClear Gel Cubes from Lo Chlor


A Gel block clarifier very similar to Jolly Gel.


Comes as a pack of 1 x 35g block.


This gel cube is much more concentrated and long lasting than other types of gel cube.


One 35g block will clarify up to 13,000 gallons (60,000 litres) for up to 4  weeks. Two blocks for pools up to 26,000 gallons (120,000 litres).


Drop the miraclear cube in to the strainer basket of your pump, it disolves slowly to put a film of gel over your sand to help it filter out fine suspended particles in your swimming pool water.


Miraclear cubes are made from a unique polymer resin they are non toxic and biodegradeable and unlike other gel cubes

  • they will work with all filters including paper filters, DE filters and Sand or Glass
  • they are not sticky or slippery to touch



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Jolly Gel £10.00
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