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Certikin Faceplate And Gasket Refurb Kit

The Certikin faceplate and gasket refurbishment kit has been created for customers who currently have Certikin flow fittings in their pool and are changing their swimming pool liner or just improving the aesthetics of their liner pool.

Over time chemicals in the pool or high water temperatures can start to perish the flow fitting gaskets or discolour the flow fitting faceplates. The discolouring is only aesthetic but gaskets that start to perish will potentially leak.

This kit contains the following standard Certikin flow fitting parts:

Manufacturers Code Description Quantity
SPHD101LT Widemouth liner skimmer kit, inc cover - plate - flange - gasket and screws 2
 SPHD53LT Inlet liner kit, inc flange - gasket - eyeball and screws  3 
 SPHD33LT High velocity main drain liner kit, inc HV lid - flange - gasket and screws 1
 SPPU9L Light liner kit, inc facia ring - flange - gasket and screws  1
 SPC490 CKHD54 suction grille only  1

If you require other faceplates and gaskets which are not included in the kit above then please call our sales team on 0800 690 6288 and we will try our best to help you out.

RRP = £242.00

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Item price £95.00 inc VAT
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Linerlock Radius Corner £6
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Wideback Linerlock £7
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Deluxe 4mm Felt 50m2 Roll £290