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Abriblue Covers

Abriblue Covers

Abriblue Covers are made in France.


They are the classic air filled PVC slat finished with a sealed end cap.


They come in 4 standard colours - White, Blue, Sand and Solar Blue. There is no clear option available in Abriblue. 


A particular feature of Abriblue is that they make 4 different types of roller for above ground installation.


  • The Open - an open style mains electric roller 
  • The Open Solar  - an open style solar powered roller, no electrical feed required
  • The Bench - A mains powered roller encased in a neat looking bench
  • The Bench Solar - The roller is encased in a bench which has a solar panel, no electrical feed required.



Pool Size

Guide Price with

Open Roller

Guide Price with

Open Solar Roller

Guide Price with

Bench Roller

Guide Price with

Solar Bench Roller

10ft x 20ft £6,628.00 £7,342.00
£8,600.00 £9,234.00 
12ft x 24ft £6,966.00 £7,734.00 £8,964.00 £9,830.00
14ft x 28ft £7,404.00 £8,302.00 £9,688.00 £10,448.00
15ft x 30ft £7,938.00 £8,774.00  £10,060.00 £10,958.00
16ft x 32ft £8,274.00 £9,094.00 £10,296.00 £11,586.00
20ft x 40ft £11,060.00 £11,656.00 £13,766.00 £15,222.00


Delivery is extra. Typically about £450 but it depends on your location.


Installation is extra. If you want our experienced engineers to survey and install your cover then please contact us for more details.


Prices shown include VAT, delivery lead time on these products is usually 4-5 weeks from order


  Email us for an individual quote. sales@poolstore.co.uk


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This is item is bespoke made and cannot be ordered online. Please call us on 0800 690 6288 to order.
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