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Covrex foam filled covers

Covrex covers are made in Belgium. What sets Covrex covers apart from the other slatted covers is that they are foam filled. This means they can be cut on site to fit any shape of pool and you will never need to worry about end caps breaking and leaking.

They also have far superior heat retention and insulation properties than air filled slatted. For those of  you that understand these things, the cover has a U-value of 0.12 (which is very good).

They have the longest warranty of any slatted cover at 5 years.

Strong and sturdy yet flexible, with some additional supports on the water line they become a safety cover giving you peace of mind that children or pets will not end up in the pool.

Each slat is 65mm wide and 13mm deep. They are moulded in groups of 3 and have a join every 200mm. 

Pool Size Guide Price - Mains Powered - Top Mount Roller Guide Price - Mains Powered - Pit Mounted Roller
10ft x 20ft £11,416.00 £16,110.00
12ft x 24ft £12,144.00 £16,920.00
14ft x 28ft £13,846.00 £18,222.00
15ft x 30ft £14,558.00 £19,018.00
16ft x 32ft £15,406.00 £20,098.00

Delivery is extra. Typically about £450 but it depends on your location.

Installation is extra. If you want our experienced engineers to survey and install your cover then please contact us for more details.

Prices shown include VAT, delivery lead time on these products is usually 4-5 weeks from order

Email us for an individual quote.

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