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400 micron Blue Silver Solar Swimming Pool Covers Standard sizes £84.00
500 micron Blue Gold Solar Swimming Pool Covers Standard sizes £105.00
Geobubble Covers Standard Sizes £126.00
Cover to Roller Strap Kit £30.00
Leading Edge Kit for Solar Covers £80.00
Super Solar Cover for Circular Pools £58.00

Solar Swimming Pool Covers

The climate of the UK makes it essential that pool owners have a cover over their swimming pool to retain the heat of the water. A cover will act like a blanket floating on the surface of the water keeping the warmth in. 90% of the heat loss from a swimming pool is by evaporation from the water surface and a good cover will reduce heat loss due to evaporation by up to 85%. Summer pool covers are made from high quality plastic with “bubbles” on the underside. They are often referred to as bubble covers.


Swimming pool covers don’t just keep the warmth of the pool water in they can also help to heat the water. The new generation of solar pool covers let the sun’s rays through to warm the water but with a silver coated underside to the cover they reflect the heat back in to the swimming pool. There are also pool covers with gold undersides. On a warm sunny day a solar cover can heat the top 4 inches of the water by up to 10 deg C.


Solar swimming pool covers are classified by the thickness of the plastic they are made from. The thickness is measured in microns. The bigger the micron count the longer the cover will last. Cheap cover are 200 microns but they will only last a year or two. PoolStore covers are 400 and 500 microns thick and are guaranteed for 3 and 4 years and you should expect them to last 6 to 8 years if you look after them correctly.


If you have an inground swimming pool then you will need a roller to take the cover off and a useful addition is a floating leading edge to make it easy to pull the cover off the roller.


All our covers are tailor made to order for your pool. You can buy your cover online if your pool is a standard size from the links below. If your swimming pool is not a standard size click this text for an instant quote.


Delivery is usually about a week, sometimes 10 days in the busy spring period.


Check our blog for help on choosing the right swimming pool cover for your pool


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