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Dolphin Wave 100 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 100 Pool Cleaner

Dolphin Wave 100 Commercial Pool Cleaner


The Dolphin Wave 100 commercial pool cleaner features the unique gyroscopic system to maintain stable navigation which delivers accurate and effective scanning for systematic cleaning along the entire swimming pool walls up to the waterline and swimming pool floor up to 25 metres long.



The Dolphin Wave 100's thorough brushing removes algae and bacteria, enhancing the swimming pool water quality.



The user friendly Dolphin Wave 100 comes complete with a Remote Control, Wonder Brushes for tiled pools and a Caddy for storage and handling.        


This cleaner also comes with a 3 Year/ 3000 hours warranty on all parts. 



Benefits and Features  
Cycle Time 4 / 6 / 8 Hours
Cable Length 30 metres
Brushes Wonderbrushes for all terrains
Remote Control Included - Set up parameters and cleaning programmes


3 filtration options for all types of dirt and debris
Caddy  Included - for easy storage and moving pool cleaner around
Swivel on cable Prevents cable tangling when cleaner is in use
Suction Rate 17m3 per hour
Moving speed 15 metres per minute
Cleaning area 225m2 per hour
Weight 12kg


RRP = £4,320.00




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Item price: £2,895.00 inc VAT
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