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The Tagelus Filter

The Tagelus range of swimming pool sand filters.

Available in three sizes with or without filter media.

Top mounted multiport valve saves space in your pool room.

Pressure gauge

1.5 inch multiport valve is included in price.

The 19 inch version is known as the Tagelus TA-40, the 24 inch version is known as the TA-60 and the 30 inch version is known as the TA-100.

Filter Size Typical Pool Retail Price PoolStore Price Bags of Sand Required (25 kg)
19 inch 12 x 24 ft £900.00 £510.00 4(click here to purchase sand)
24 inch 16 x 32 ft £1,050.00 £590.00  7(click here to purchase sand)
30 inch 20 x 40 ft £1,424.00 £870.00  12(click here to purchase sand)

Delivery: Usually 2 to 4 working days.

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Prices start from £510.00 inc VAT
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Filter Sand 16 30 Grade 25kg Bag £26
The Triton Neo ClearPro Filter £750
The Triton Filter £680