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The Intelliflo Pump

The Sta-Rite SW5P6R Intelliflo variable speed pump from Pentair.

Probably the best pool pump in the world

Why would you pay £1,720.00 for a pool pump when you can get one for £600.00?

Because it saves you up to  90% on your electricity bills and  the extra cost will be re-couped in the long run.

Because it is so quiet you can barely hear it.

Because the motor has no touching parts nothing can wear out.

The intelliflo pump is so different from normal pool pumps it is like comparing a horse with a ferarri.

Normal pool pumps have a motor and an on/off switch. They are either on full blast and pumping at one single speed or they are off. Intelliflo pumps can vary the speed at which the motor turns and so vary the flow through the pump. In doing so they use far less power but this does not mean your pool filtration will suffer.

Normal pool pumps have a copper wound motor that runs on a bearing. This make a noise and will wear out in time. Intellifo pumps have a permanent magnet motor that spins without a bearing and so it makes no noise and does not wear out.

One size fits all

Because normal pumps only have one flow rate you have to choose which horse power rating is appropriate for your pool. The intelliflo can be set for any equivalent horse power rating from zero to 3HP. However, there are two types of intelliflo pump. One works by changing the speed that the motor turns the other has a flow meter and LCD display and is set by controlling the flow rate of the water. The pump has 4 user programable settings for your desired flow rates.

The intelliflo pump makes use of fact that a 50% reduction in water flow leads to an 90% reduction in power consumption. So you may have to run the pump for a longer time to achieve your filtration but you will use much less power in doing so. Also, when you need to heat the pool the faster the water goes through the heater the better so you can turn up the speed when in heating mode and turn it down when in filtration mode. All this at the touch of a button.

Buy from PoolStore and get a 4 year warranty.The manufacturers give a 3 year warranty on the pump, PoolStore will extend that warranty to 4 years at no extra cost.

Useful dimensions - From floor to centre of inlet = 240mm 

From face of inlet to centre of outlet = 255mm 

From floor to face of outlet = 305mm

Intelliflo 5P6R VSD Features:

Reduced energy consumption

Low noise at low RP

Quick-lock trap cover for easy cleaning and large see through lid

Suitable for salt chlorinated water (up to 4.5% salt concentrate)

Find out much more about  the intelliflo pump    in our blog.

 RRP = £2,790.00

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Item price £1,720.00 inc VAT
Quantity :
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